Officers and Directors

2018-19 Board of Directors and Officers of ARCS Foundation, Inc.

(July 1, 2018)

President Andi Purple Metro Washington/Atlanta
Vice President, Finance/Operations Nancy Chambers Atlanta
Secretary Penny Papadopoulos Phoenix
Treasurer Dawn Carson Senger Phoenix
President Elect Sherry Lundeen Atlanta
Chair, Council of Advisors Jackie Henson Metropolitan Washington
Chair, Audit Margaret McGann Seattle/Utah
Chair, Chapter Engagement Carol Stockman Pittsburgh
Chair, Communications and Marketing Beth Wainwright Pittsburgh
Chair, Fund Development Sally McDaniel Atlanta
Chair, Nominating TBA  
Chair, University Relations Linda Celesia Illinois
Chair, Council of Presidents Patty Sparrell Metro Washington
Immed. Past Chair, Council of Presidents Christine Hawes Phoenix
Council of Presidents Joan Foley Oregon
Council of Presidents Sara Jean Burke Atlanta
Council of Presidents  Kathy Testoni Pittsburgh
Council of Presidents Sarah Tucker Illinois
Audit Committee Lynne Brickner Los Angeles
Audit Committee Christy Burton Phoenix
National Endowment Fund Committee Sherry Lundeen Atlanta
National Endowment Fund Committee Anna Maria Matteucci Phoenix
National Endowment Fund Committee Lynne Brickner Los Angeles
Parliamentarian (non-voting) Sue Harter Pittsburgh

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