I'm inspired by your mission. How do I give to ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards?

Thank you in advance for your kind words and your generosity!  Please visit our donate now page for giving instructions and options for your gift.

If one hundred percent (100%) of my donation goes to ARCS Scholar Awards, how do your organization's operating expenses get paid?

Our 100% pledge is both unique and essential to the fulfillment of our philanthropic mission.

We require all members of ARCS Foundation's regional chapters to pay annual dues to support administrative expenses in their respective chapters.  A minor portion of each Member's dues is allocated toward the coordinative efforts of the ARCS Foundation National Board.

Additionally, some donors choose to underwrite the organization's operating expenses, either at the National or at the Chapter level. Please visit our donate now page for giving instructions and options for your gift.

Science, Engineering, and Medical Research are dynamic fields of study and new disciplines are always being added. Does ARCS Foundation add new departments to its Awards portfolio?

All of ARCS Foundation's regional chapters consult with their Academic Partner Universities several times per year and consider new departments for funding within such collaboration.  

Departments are added or subtracted within a rigorous ongoing review process which seeks to ensure that Awards are given only to the most highly ranked departments and scholars across science, engineering and medical research fields.

Please contact us here should you have specific questions about the process, its timeframe, and its core criteria.

Are ARCS Awards ever given solely for reasons of financial need?

No. ARCS Awards are awarded to the top students in approved departments of science, engineering, and medical research at our academic partner universities, and are based upon merit.

However, it is well known that the increasing cost of attaining a Doctoral degree is far beyond the reach of most students absent difficult choices and sacrifice of other opportunities. This is especially true considering the added costs of research materials, conference travel and living expenses.

Our Scholars tell us constantly that absent the support the ARCS Award offered, they would have not been able to continue their studies in their chosen field,

or would have spent many more years in achieving the same degree due to the necessity of working concurrent part-time or full-time jobs to meet basic expenses.

Are ARCS Awards applied solely to tuition?

No. While the Awards fill essential gaps in tuition coverage for a great number of awarded Scholars, they are not restricted to tuition alone.  

Many scholars use their Scholar Award towards research materials, conference participation, collaborative research pursuits over and above their core projects, or basic living expenses.


Why doesn't ARCS fund science education at the high school or elementary level?

ARCS Foundation is dedicated to STEM education in the United States and applauds organizations that are committed to increasing interest in science, engineering, and medical research at all levels and ages of study.  

Our organization's founders chose the Masters/Doctoral phase as it presents an essential decision point between pursuing one's work and having to give up.

Our founders were visionary in their realization that it was not just an interest in science that would keep America competitive, but the chance for those quite close to the point of discovery to be able to leap toward fulfillment of their life's work. For more information on ARCS Foundation's founding, please visit our History page.

By helping to cover the expenses associated with that moment of decision, it is ARCS Foundation's belief that our Scholars may focus fully upon their innovative work.

Does ARCS ever fund startup companies founded by its Awarded Scholars?  It seems that many ARCS scholars go on to found science-related startups.

ARCS Foundation is delighted by the positive impact that our Scholars have had in the startup arena, a vibrant segment bringing together innovation, brave experimentation, and new job growth. While many ARCS Scholars go on to excel in academia, others pursue careers in the corporate, media, and government sectors. Some found new and exceptional companies.

While we keep up on all of the wonderful work our Scholar alums are doing, we do not invest directly in their companies as an organization.  

Our charitable mission is to fund Scholar Awards to ensure that they may complete their studies and have a wealth of choices and opportunities upon attaining their degree.

Please visit our News page to learn more about the wonderful work our Scholars are doing! 

Are any ARCS Foundation events open to the public? Are these all fundraising events, or are educationally-focused events open as well?

While many events are reserved for ARCS Members only, our regional chapters hold events throughout the year that are open to the public or to guests accompanied by a member.  Please contact the chapter nearest to you for more information/to receive local event calendars.

Events range from fundraising galas to luncheons honoring awarded scholars to lectures by leading minds of science and innovation.  The ARCS Foundation network is rich and knowledge-filled, and members and friends enjoy learning about cutting-edge research and discovery via educational events throughout the year.

Do you consider STEM philanthropy a direct investment in US economic growth?

We do. The fields of science, engineering, and medical research are responsible for new discoveries, cures, products, and entire economies. ARCS Scholars are not just working to make the world healthier and wiser, but also more productive.  

We're confident that our scholars will discover new ways to improve the lives of many and will engage new economic growth through inventions we have not yet seen.

Our nation's economy is going through change and challenge, and ARCS is stepping up to be part of that by ensuring that the best and brightest scholars may continue to achieve.

I'm an ARCS Foundation Scholar Award recipient.

How can I update my Scholar alum information with ARCS Foundation?

To update your scholar alum profile, please contact the Chapter from which you originally received your Award.  Email addresses for all chapters may be found here.  If you do not see your chapter listed, please select "National Board" from the drop-down menu as your affiliate.  

I'm interested in networking with fellow ARCS Scholars in my area. Does ARCS sponsor networking events?​

Many of ARCS Foundation's regional chapters do welcome Scholars to networking events, both with fellow scholar alums and with leaders from academia, government, and industry in their respective areas of the United States.  To learn more, please contact the Chapter from which you originally received your Award or the Chapter nearest to where you now live.  Email addresses for all chapters may be found here.

If you do not see your original chapter, a chapter listed in your area, or if you are currently living and working outside of the United States, please select "National Board" from the drop-down menu as your affiliate.

I have a suggestion for your website. How may I contact you?

We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Please share your suggestions via Contact Us.

Do you have a question that requires support? Please email is.help@arcsfoundation.org.