Start A Chapter

ARCS Foundation exists to advance our nations's competitiveness by strengthening the United States capacity for scientific and technological innovation.

We welcome your interest in supporting our nation's next generation of scientists, engineers and medical researchers.

To find out more about founding a new Chapter, contact ARCS Foundation at, after reviewing the introductory points below:

How to get started

Each new ARCS Chapter has begun by identifying local universities meeting ARCS Foundation Academic Partner eligibility standards. If you live near and/or currently support one or more university departments that strongly contribute to the advancement of science, engineering and/or medical research in America, please contact us.

We look forward to speaking with you and reviewing requirements for:

ARCS Foundation Academic Partners

ARCS Foundation's academic partner universities host the selected departments and scholars we fund.  They work closely with us to recommend students for the Award, viewing the Award as a recruitment tool to attract the most promising students and projects to their own campuses and laboratories.

ARCS Foundation Regional Chapter

ARCS Chapters gather enthusiastic volunteer members in support of our scholars of science, engineering and medical research. ARCS members are more than just philanthropically inclined.  They are involved and committed to the future of science in America and thrilled by the access to innovation that ARCS membership offers.

For New Chapters: How can ARCS National help?

ARCS National can offer:

  • Mentoring and coaching/forums for idea exchange
  • Initial start-up funding
  • Assistance with recruitment at the local level
  • Organization templates that have helped other chapters begin
  • Marketing, media and PR materials
  • Administrative, legal and accounting assistance
  • Attendance at kick-off events

We look forward to hearing from you!

To find out more about founding a new Chapter, contact ARCS Foundation at