Advisory Council

The Science and Engineering Advisory Council (SEAC) was established in December 2009 to assist the ARCS Foundation National Board in communicating the goals and mission of the organization to a national constituency.  The SEAC is composed of distinguished scientists, engineers and scholars from across the country and draws on their collective experience in government, industry, and academia. The Council provides advice and recommendations on the development of new Chapters and, together with the National Board, examines and assists in implementing strategies for engaging external decision-makers with ARCS Foundation.

SEAC's key responsibilties revolve around identifying and providing information regarding programs important to science and engineering education, research, and funding, now and in the future. 

  • SEAC assesses and provides guidance to ARCS Foundation on level of funding dedicated to science education in all States.
  • SEAC provides information on state-funded or operated organizations that promote science education.
  • SEAC advises on disciplines beyond the STEM horizon (e.g., nanotechnology, neuroscience, climate change, cyber security).
  • SEAC advises on trends involving interdisciplinary degrees and research.
  • SEAC advises on how ARCS Foundation can anticipate and contribute to evolutionary changes relative to STEM.
  • SEAC assists in developing contacts in the science and engineering community to expand the ARCS Foundation science advisory network.
  • SEAC advises on strategic communications between ARCS Foundation and state and federal government decision-makers.

The guidance received from SEAC is invaluable to ARCS Foundation as it works to provide unrestricted awards to augment research funding for PhD students, masters students, and undergraduates across the United States.


Current SEAC Members

Read the announcement of ARCS Foundation's newest Science and Engineering Advisory Council members.


Lynne Brickner
SEAC Secretary
ARCS Los Angeles/Utah

Charles Elachi, PhD
Retired, Director of JPL Laboratory and Professor (Emeritus) California Institute of Technology


Chad Evans
Executive Vice President
Council of Competitiveness


Sharon Feng, PhD
Sr Assoc Dean at Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

Lennard A. Fisk
Thomas M. Donahue Distinguished
University Professor of Space Science
University of Michigan

Wayne Goodman, PhD
SVP Operations and Support Group, Aerospace Corporation

Karin Hollerbach
CEO Taku Group

Steven Koonin
Director of NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress

Marty Kress
Assistant Vice President for Research, Ohio State University

Irene McGee
Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, Covestro

Norine Noonan, PhD
Professor of Biology, University of South Florida at St. Petersburg

Suneel Sheikh, PhD
CEO and Chief Research Scientist, Advanced Space Technology and Research Laboratories



Mary Lassiter Snitch
Sr. Manager, External Strategic Relations
Corporate Engineering and Technology, Lockheed Martin Corporation



SEAC Emeriti Members

ARCS Foundation, Inc. is pleased to recognize the service of our past SEAC members and thanks to each of them for their invaluable advice and dedication to the mission of ARCS Foundation.

Joseph K. Alexander Richard DeMillo Bonnie J. Dunbar
Ray O. Johnson Ronald M. Sega Susan Smith