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Three Generations Bond Through ARCS Memberships

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Julie Drinkward has been an ARCS Oregon member for 16 years. She and her husband Wayne have funded multiple scholar awards and hosted events at their home. Julie has served on the Board and several committees and has been honored with the chapter’s ARCS Light award. But Julie says that her ARCS involvement is better now than ever because she can enjoy it with her mother-in-law, Sally Drinkward, and with her daughter, Annie Reeves. “Sharing my involvement in ARCS with family has only made the experience more gratifying. Thank you, ARCS and thank you, family,” she says.  

Investing in STEM researchers is not surprising for three generations of this family. Sally’s late husband, Cecil, and Julie’s husband, Wayne, have been instrumental leaders of Hoffman Construction. Annie Reeves works there now as a Senior Project Manager.  

“I’ve always believed in the importance of kids learning as much math and science as possible,” Julie says. “Even if STEM isn’t where kids land with their career, it teaches a discipline and methodology of approaching problems that is invaluable.”

Annie also understands the strong role of STEM in shaping the future. “Advancing STEM fields is the best way to have a positive impact on most people around the world,” she says. “There are so many possible benefits, whether it’s improvements in healthcare leading to more positive medical outcomes, technology bringing people from different places together, or engineering solutions leading to an improved standard of living.” 

Photo of Julie Drinkward and her daughter, Annie Reeves

 “I’m excited to meet more scholars and get some understanding of the incredible work they are doing,” Annie says. “I’ve already met some amazing ARCS members and I’m looking forward to encouraging more of the next generation to join.”  

Julie and Sally have enjoyed friendships with other members of ARCS, but also with the scholars they funded. “The huge bonus of my involvement with ARCS is the people,” Julie says. During the pandemic, she and Wayne listened to one of their scholars defend his doctoral thesis virtually. The scholar’s mentor later told them “our scholar’s presentation was among the best he’d ever heard and that his work was spectacular.” Better yet, they learned the scholar planned to stay in Oregon to pursue his career. “What more could Wayne and I ask for?” Julie asks. “Wayne and I feel good about sharing our belief in the great things ARCS is doing.” 

Sally Drinkward with past scholar, Dylan Anderson

Sally Drinkward agrees, saying “We always enjoyed meeting the scholars and following them through their education.  And it has been a nice opportunity to know like-minded women who are interested in helping others achieve their educational goals.”