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Reimagining the Future: ARCS® Foundation Releases its 2022 Annual Report

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2022

LaGrange, Georgia (December 13, 2022) – ARCS Foundation recently released its 2022 Annual Report titled, “Reimagining the Future”. Considering the future of scientific discovery, the report highlighted several achievements that empower ARCS to meet its mission to propel scientific innovation in the US. Specifically, they celebrated these milestones in the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • ARCS Foundation has dedicated more than $131M in cumulative scholar support since its inception.
  • Eighty percent of the 15 ARCS chapters across the US added new members in their communities.
  • ARCS approved the addition of one new university partner: the University of California, Merced. There are 50 partner universities eligible to receive funding.
  • Expanding its reach for support, ARCS also approved 10 new STEM programs across partner universities

“Just as ARCS Scholars are reimagining the future of science, ARCS Foundation has spent the past year reimagining the future of our organization,” said ARCS President Caron Ogg. “We have built on our 64-year history by laying the groundwork to embark upon bold changes and remain relevant in the years to come. The future demands that we reimagine how ARCS can and should shift that our mission continues to ensure that our nation’s scientific competitiveness remains strong.”

Emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core operational values remained a high priority for ARCS this fiscal year.  They established a DEI Action Plan Taskforce to review all programming and outreach. The task force produced a 68-page report with 39 initiatives that both National and the local chapters could implement to further integrate ARCS National’s DEI core values and standards. Some of those recommendations included diversifying membership in local chapters and connecting with university partners to support their DEI efforts in the classroom.

With an eye on the future of the organization, ARCS also initiated the development of an Enterprise Risk Management Plan. “Recognizing that the future may hold challenges we have yet to encounter,” said President Caron Ogg, “we will be ready if a crisis emerges.”

The 22-page report also included the announcement of the most recent Hall of Fame inductee, chemist David A. Dixon, PhD.  Dixon was recognized for his groundbreaking innovations in computational chemistry and leadership in developing chlorofluorocarbon alternatives that have restored and saved the stratospheric ozone layers.

Illustrating the results of ARCS Foundation’s investment, the report features ARCS Scholars such as Usamma Amjad (Engineering; University of Pittsburg), Christian Freeman (Chemistry; University of Georgia), and Samantha Sison (Neuroscience; University of California, San Diego), all working to advance their respective fields through innovation and discovery.

To view the digital version of the 2022 Annual Report, follow this link.