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Leader’s Dedication & Expertise Moves Organization Forward

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ARCS Utah Chapter President and ARCS National IS Committee Chair Sue Dintelman’s leadership and philanthropic spirit gives back to ARCS Foundation in myriad ways. Dintelman has been a member of ARCS Foundation for almost ten years, and she looks back fondly at her first involvement with the organization, “In 2009, I received a call from the University of Utah Development Office asking me if I'd like to join a newly forming Utah chapter of a women's organization that provided financial support to STEM graduate students. Because I have been a long-time member of a women's organization with a similar objective of providing support for education, I felt that ARCS Foundation would be a good fit for me.”

Dintelman earned a B.S. in Mathematics from New Mexico State University and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Utah, where she stayed to work on the team that developed the Utah Population Database, a resource still in use today for the study of genetics. She co-founded DMS Systems, Inc., and Pleiades Software Development, Inc., where she continues to be involved in research and development related to the reconstitution of historical populations for the study of genetics and historical demography.

She is passionate about encouraging students, especially women, to choose careers in STEM, especially computing. “Helping anyone reach their educational goals is a great privilege and the ARCS Scholars are exceptional,” says Dintelman, “Getting to meet these very bright and motivated students, hear about their research, and knowing that I had a small part in their success is extremely rewarding.”