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Keeping Tabs on Innovation and Competition for 2024 and Beyond

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

As a member of the Council on Competitiveness, ARCS Foundation can stay informed of global issues of innovation, new technologies and global competition. The Council brings together members from academia, business, labor, and the national labs to discuss the global marketplace and examine the challenges and priorities to continued innovation. Several ARCS partner universities have representatives on the council.

Earlier this month, the Council shared its Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative Fall Dialogue, which was held in September 2023. Almost two dozen technology companies, universities, and national laboratories gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities that shape the US.

From that gathering, three key themes became apparent:

  1. Changing the Culture of Research and Innovation
  2. Enhancing the Innovation Workforce in Critical Technologies and Industries
  3. Building Innovation Ecosystems through National Domestic Strategies

In the first session, there was a discussion about the challenge of incorporating technologies into the public sector in a timely manner. Experts agree that the US is creating incredible innovative technologies, but it can take years for them to have an impact.

Sessions two and three about innovating the workforce discussed how innovation and technology in China continue to grow and peaks Congress’ interest. With the rise in artificial intelligence, there is a push for technology regulation to promote innovation, not hinder the new discoveries in critical technologies. Lastly, there was a focus on the shortages in critical areas such as semiconductors and cybersecurity. With a lack of talent in those crucial areas, there is a significant barrier to innovation and leadership.

To learn more about the Council of Competitiveness, click the videos below.

The Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh and Academic Vice Chair of the Council on Competitiveness, Joan Gabel, talks about the role of education on behalf of the Council; click here to watch.

Darryll Pines, President of the University of Maryland, College Park, and Council member, speaks about A1 and quantum computing; click here to watch

Here are the current priorities that working groups of the Council are exploring; click here to watch