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Five Decades of Support

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011

Having passed our 50th anniversary, ARCS® Foundation can point to a dynamic history of giving and growing.

Decade 1: As the first decade of ARCS Foundation drew to a close in 1968, the organization stretched from coast to coast, and three Chapters had raised $286,757 in total to support 310 science scholars studying at leading universities across America.

Decade 2: At the end of the 1970s, ARCS Foundation celebrated its second decade, having presented $1,335,295 in awards to 1,016 scholars across 11 Chapters.

Decade 3: As ARCS Foundation reached its 30th  year of promoting science and rewarding excellence, record fund-raising was reported by the Chapters. Thirteen Chapters awarded $7,598,880 to support scholars at U.S. universities and colleges.

Decade 4: In 1998, at the 40-year mark, overall fund-raising had more than doubled; 13 Chapters had cumulatively awarded $18,477,562 to support 3,148 scholars at prestigious schools throughout the nation.

Decade 5: In 2008, 50 years after the  founding of ARCS Foundation, more than 12,000 awards totaling over $66,500,000 had been given to America’s best and brightest.

Support from Many Sources

Over the years, ARCS Foundation has earned the interest of scientists, businesspeople, university presidents, mayors, governors and U.S. presidents in advancing our mission.

Funds are raised from a variety of contributors, with the understanding that 100 percent of every dollar given for scholar awards goes to the scholars.

Chapters utilize fund-raising activities such as luncheons with guest speakers, galas, social events, evening lectures and award dinners to generate funds from the community. ARCS Foundation members not only dedicate time and energy to fund-raising, they are also major contributors to scholar awards.

Since our founding, major U.S. corporations and foundations have generously supported ARCS Foundation Chapters by supporting scholar awards.