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Doing Our Part for a Better World

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Caring for Each Other Today

What would the world be like without people to care and help others in their time of need?

Some situations take us beyond our circle of family and friends and into the realm of relying on strangers to provide guidance and support. This arena is where ARCS Foundation Scholar Award recipients and alumni shine through, benefiting humanity on a national and global scale through technological innovations, educational opportunities, financial support, medical advancements—and in many other ways.

For instance, ARCS Scholar Alumna Dr. Mina Nikanjam is developing powerful new therapies that can potentially single out cancer mutations and destroy them during treatment. She is helping a fellow ARCS member, as well as hundreds of other cancer patients, fight metastatic cancers.

Dr. Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell’s organization supports 118 underrepresented minority students (and counting) engage in STEM studies in a community college and then transfer to four-year universities to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Dr. Cañas-Carrell was a three-time ARCS Scholar Award recipient from Texas Tech University.

And who can forget the countless ARCS Scholars and Alumni who stepped up to the plate in 2020 to develop new technologies, design computer algorithms, and research new therapeutics for COVID-19?

Today these scholars’ contributions are making a difference across the globe. These men and women are leaders in their fields, in part due to the assistance of ARCS Foundation’s generous league of supporters.

Making an Impact on Tomorrow

It’s such generosity that sparked a revolutionary national campaign in 2012 called “GivingTuesday.” For one day, people around the country performed acts of kindness and helped out their fellow citizens or favorite organizations. 

Since then, the GivingTuesday concept has grown into an ongoing, online global movement (#GivingTuesday), in which ARCS Foundation is proud to have participated every year. 

In 2020 the #GivingTuesday campaign will take place on December 1. That is when ARCS members, scholars, alumni, and friends can show their appreciation through donations and continue to further the foundation’s efforts in support of the next generation of scientific innovators.

Please become an ARCS supporter and help us complete the circle of gratitude.