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ARCS Oregon’s Scholar Awards Luncheon Focuses on Research

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017

Ted Braun, an ARCS scholar alumni, says he’s currently in the 30th grade. That’s how many continuous academic years he has spent pursuing his MD-PhD. The long road that graduate students commit to, fueled by their passion for research, was a theme at the “Recognizing Genius” Scholar Awards Luncheon on October 11, hosted by ARCS Foundation Oregon. Over 400 guests came to applaud and learn from the 71 current ARCS scholars, all PhD students in Oregon in science, engineering or medical research. 

ARCS Oregon has raised over $3.7 million for 226 scholar awards since 2004. 

Luncheon guests included members, donors, scholars and their friends, corporate supporters and the presidents of the three research universities that ARCS collaborates with. Joe Robertson, president of OHSU; Ed Ray, president of Oregon State University; and Michael Schill, president of the University of Oregon, were all in attendance, along with university deans, faculty and foundation leaders. 

The three speakers shared their science research and passion. 

  • How do you study the very top layer of water’s surface? Do oil and water really not mix? Geraldine Richmond’s lab at the University of Oregon focuses on understanding environmentally important processes at water surfaces.  Dr. Richmond,  awarded the National Medal of Science, said she continues to be motivated by teaching chemistry and inspiring students, including future women chemists around the globe in third world countries.
  • The communication networks of the Pacific chorus frog, and how stressors disrupt that network, is the focus of Danielle Nelson’s research at Oregon State University. You likely have these frogs in your backyard.
  • Ted Braun, an ARCS alum, along with his wife Julie Maxson, is motivated to advance cancer research, treatment and outcomes for his patients. He shared the challenges of the long haul of becoming an MD-PhD. 
  • The ARCS Oregon video emphasized the importance of collaboration between research universities and departments and the need for a high achieving future workforce. See our video HERE.

Twenty scholars in their third year of ARCS funding presented posters on their research. 

The Einstein Presenting Sponsors were Hoffman Construction/ Julie and Wayne Drinkward; OHSU; Oregon State University and the University of Oregon.

The 2018 ARCS luncheon will be October 30th.

Consider making a donation to ARCS Oregon Chapter.