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ARCS Foundation Releases First National Annual Report

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WASHINGTON DC, October 5, 2015 - ARCS® Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation, Inc.) has released its first Annual Report on the national level. Presented on October 1 to a national gathering of ARCS Foundation members held in Chicago, Illinois, the report presents the first nation-wide public report of investments and outcomes achieved by 17 regional ARCS chapters during the 2014-15 academic year.

Supporting promising young U.S. scientists in the early stage of their research careers, the ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards are recognized for their impact in ensuring the strength of the STEM pipeline, which is fundamental to an innovative and growing U.S. economy. As the vast majority of government funding focuses upon science in its developed stage, ARCS Foundation fulfills an essential role in ensuring that young scientists may confidently pursue their boldest ideas.

The regional, chapter-based model of philanthropic investment practiced by ARCS Foundation since the founding of its Los Angeles chapter in 1958 has enabled significant local grant making depth, allowing members to interact with top-ranked university departments during the academic year, and personally encourage the careers of young scientists selected annually for the prestigious ARCS Award.

“Our new report presents the combined - and powerful - effect of our 17 ARCS chapters to support and encourage the training of our young scientists,” said Lynne Brickner, ARCS Foundation National President. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to elevate the work of each ARCS chapter, while also showing the nation-wide benefit from their collective efforts and strengths.”

The report highlights annual and historical reach of funding amounts, university departments, and scholars served. Such data is accompanied by history and context, enabling those not yet familiar with the organization’s 57-year history to gain an overview of the diverse aspects of its scholar-focused activities and how its funding model has evolved.

Of particular note are ARCS Foundation’s partnership with The Roche Foundation to create a national scholar award for promising doctoral students in the life sciences, and ARCS Foundation’s recent affiliation with the U.S. Council on Competitiveness. Both events affirm the visible national role that ARCS Foundation engages with industry, academia, and government entities to ensure that young scientists may pursue their bravest new ideas across STEM fields. ARCS has also engaged its own Science and Engineering Advisory Council (SEAC,) comprised of leaders working at the forefront of STEM fields nationally.

Illustrating the result of its investments, the report includes profiles of ARCS Foundation Scholars working at the frontiers of their respective fields of discovery. A recently launched “ARCS Alumni Hall of Fame” highlights the impact of ARCS support by recognizing renowned scientists who have made remarkable contributions to science and who attribute their early success to the receipt of the ARCS award. All reaffirm the breadth of science fields that ARCS Foundation supports, and the interdisciplinary, collaborative opportunities ARCS Scholars have both regionally and nationally as a result of the award.

“The funding model that ARCS has built sets an example for those seeking to ensure the vibrant role of STEM fields in achieving an ever-stronger U.S. economy,” said Brickner. “This report at the national level underscores the importance of investing in young scientists in the promising early stages of their careers of discovery and innovation – that SCIENCE MATTERS.”



  • National Annual Funding 2014-15 – $4,712,599
  • National Annual Scholars Funded 2014-15 – 632
  • Cumulative Funding since 1958 --$96,194,005
  • Cumulative Scholars Funded since 1958 – 9,263
  • Affiliated Universities – 53
  • Approved Departments and Programs – 608


ARCS Foundation 2015 Annual Report
ARCS Regional, Chapter-Based Model
Roche / ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program in the Life Sciences
Council on Competitiveness
ARCS Alumni Hall of Fame


ARCS Foundation is a national nonprofit volunteer women’s organization that promotes American competitiveness by supporting talented U.S. citizens working to complete degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and health disciplines at 53 of the nation's leading research colleges and universities. Since 1958, the organization has awarded more than $96 million to more than 9,000 students. ARCS Scholars have produced thousands of research publications and patents, secured billions in grant funding, started science related companies, and played a significant role in teaching and mentoring young people in the STEM pipeline. More at