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ARCS Foundation Plans Expansion to New Regional Chapters

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foundation Provides Cash Awards to U.S. Students Pursuing Doctorates in Science, Engineering and Medical Research

WASHINGTON DC,  January 26, 2015 - ARCS Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation, Inc.) announced Friday at its National Board Meeting in Phoenix Arizona, plans to expand its number of regional chapters. Recognized since its founding in 1958 at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for its generous financial support to U.S. students pursuing advanced degrees in science, engineering and medical research, ARCS Foundation’s 17 chapters enjoy active collaboration with top-ranked departments at 54 premier universities across the United States.

In funding scientists at the early stages of their life’s work, ARCS Foundation chooses to focus upon the basic sciences at a time when many major grants from government sources are designed for later or “product-ready” research stages. A focus on science at its earliest stage opens the route to important discoveries, many of which can take years or decades to achieve.

In assuming a cross-disciplinary support role at this early phase, ARCS Foundation helps sustain our nation’s STEM pipeline and enlivens STEM-focused communities nationwide. ARCS Foundation’s key role has been recognized by the US Council on Competitiveness, as well as by leaders in industry, philanthropy and government.  

“Science, technology, engineering and math education is critical to the long-term economic progress of Utah. Investing in STEM education is an investment for our future,” said Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert. “Communities that support robust and sustainable STEM programs play an essential role in supporting research and innovation.”

Utah hosts one of ARCS’ newest chapters, founded recently along with chapters in Minnesota and Florida.

“Our ARCS chapter has been warmly received by our academic partners, and has been a focal point for creating a new community of STEM philanthropy in our region,” notes Utah Chapter Founding President Dr. Cecelia Foxley.

Each regional ARCS Chapter establishes relationships with top ranked university departments of science, engineering and medical research in their own region, which are vetted and approved by its national board. ARCS’ presence in areas such as Northern California’s Silicon Valley, Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix and Pittsburgh gives chapters opportunities to interact closely with entrepreneurial efforts within their respective geographies. Many ARCS Scholars choose to stay in the area of their school following their study, founding new companies, and teaching other young scientists and future inventors. This virtuous cycle fostered by each ARCS chapter brings stronger engagement of corporate and philanthropic support of science education within their regions. New chapters receive extensive support from the National ARCS organization, including mentoring, training and seed funding.

ARCS Foundation National President Nancy Spetzler, a member of the Phoenix ARCS chapter, shares a warm welcome: 
"As we establish new ARCS Foundation, Inc. chapters, we support more of the high quality scholars needed to fill our nation's STEM pipeline, thereby contributing to America's increasing competitiveness in a technology-driven global economy."

Those interested in discussing new chapter formation in their area should visit ARCS Foundation National’s website.

About ARCS Foundation:  ARCS Foundation is a national nonprofit volunteer women’s organization that promotes American competitiveness by supporting talented U.S. citizens working to complete degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and health disciplines at 54 of the nation's leading research universities. Since 1958, the organization has awarded more than $91 million to more than 9,000 students. ARCS Scholars have produced thousands of research publications and patents, secured billions in grant funding, started science related companies, and played a significant role in teaching and mentoring young people in the STEM pipeline.

Media contact: Nancy Chamber, VP Communications, ARCS Foundation, 404.593.4474,