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ARCS Colorado Chapter Recognized as Colorado School of Mines Foundation Partner of the Year

Posted on Monday, January 9, 2023

Last summer, the ARCS Colorado Chapter received the honor of being recognized as the Mines Foundation Partner of the Year. The award was presented by the Colorado School of Mines Foundation.

This is the first time the Mines Foundation award has been opened to an organization rather than an individual. According to Mines President, Paul Johnson, the ARCS Colorado Chapter received the award because of their “exceptional philanthropic commitment and demonstrated leadership in service to the university”.

The Mines Foundation recognizes individuals for their outstanding philanthropy. Specifically, those who have invested financial resources, time, and energy toward the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives.

ARCS Colorado Chapter received the award at the School of Mines’ annual Evening of Excellence. President Johnson presented the award to ARCS Colorado Chapter President, Susan Howard, and thanked the chapter for investing over $1.3 million in scholar awards.

President Johnson also noted the dedication of ARCS volunteers to connect and support these students through their annual meet-and-greet events in September and November.

Besides connecting with the scholars, President Johnson went on to appreciate the determination of ARCS Foundation “in helping to fund the education of aspiring scientists at Mines” and “providing financial resources to students in the STEM disciplines”. He concluded his speech by thanking ARCS, “We are honored to be among the institutions that receive their support”.

ARCS Colorado Chapter President Susan Howard thanked the Mines Foundation for the award and ARCS donors for making it possible.

“Thanks to the generosity of our ARCS donors, an additional $1,000 will be awarded to each scholar, for a total scholar award of $7,500 and a total of 11 Mines scholars in 2022,” said Howard. She also mentioned a recent Mines scholar is now working at Lockheed Martin on a space project in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines.