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Portland Chapter Scholar Alums

After ARCS funding is completed (three years), the students become ARCS Alums and they continue with their research for another two to three years before receiving their PhDs.  Read about each Scholar Alum by clicking on their name. 

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2014 Scholar Alums
2013 Scholar Alums
Portland ARCS Scholar Alums Since 2005


2014 Scholar Alums

Andrew F. Emmott

Jeremy Glynn
Biomedical Engineering

Tyler Hulett
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Amber Jones-Hackathorne
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Paul Kramer
Neuroscience Graduate Program

Jeffrey Luitjens
Nuclear Engineering and Radiation

Sophia Polasky
College of Forestry

Danielle Robinson
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Susan Schnur
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Garth Tormoen
Biomedical Engineering/MD PhD

Christopher Vaaga
Neuroscience Graduate Program


2013 Scholar Alums

Yosef (Yossi) Berlow
Behavioral Neuroscience

Alexander Egan
Madalynn Erb
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Justin Finn
Jesse Hostetler
Barbara (Jeannie) Hunnicutt
Neuroscience Graduate Program
John (Gabe) Knoll
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Colby Mangini
Jessica Martin
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Caitlin Monaghan
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Nichole Owen
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Melanie Pina
Behavioral Neuroscience
Christopher Schafer
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Allen Waters
Daniel Yaeger
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences and Physiology & Pharmacology
Portland ARCS Scholar Alums Since 2005

Portland ARCS Alums are making their mark in the scientific world with post-doctoral positions.  ARCS Alums are advancing health care, science and technology to improve the human condition in fields of research that include asthma, cancer, cardiovascular treatment, neurodegenerative disorders, environmental issues (i.e. radiation), and computer science. We are proud of their accomplishments.  See our list of Scholar Alums below.

Name University Research Interest
Tara White Adams OHSU Thrombosis and haemostasis
Allison Anacker Stafford OHSU Gender differences in substance abuse, addiction and susceptibilty to relapse
Pierre Apostolides OHSU Neuron regulation and synaptic communication specificity
Amanda Barkley-Levenson OHSU Identify neurological and genetic correlates of binge drinking with the aim of finding means to prevent excessive alcohol intake
Zachary Beattie OHSU Correlation between heart failfure and cognitive impairment
Ethan Beckley OHSU Reproductive hormone impact on the structure and function of the nervous system
Yosef Berlow OHSU Clinical neuroimaging
Michelle Berny OHSU Molecular mechanisms of blood clotting
Tina Bloom OHSU Health disparities in maternal child-health outcomes in the U.S. and the complex relationships between risk factors for these outcomes
Ted Braun OHSU Inflammation of the hypothalamus and how it relates to muscle mass loss in chronic diseases
Christina Brow OHSU Bioremediation and environmental health, the effects of freezing DNA
Kalmia Smith Buels OHSU Interactions between peripheral nerves in the lungs and immune cells
Delia Chiu OHSU Mechanisms of learning and memory
Brandilyn Coker OSU Synthesizable analogue-to-digital converters, digital calibration methods, biomedical applications
Erin Collins OSU
Wave energy, performing a comparative sustainability analysis of differing wave energy converters
Robert Conley OHSU Targeted imaging method for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies
Anita Cservenka OHSU Emotional processing of alcoholism in youth using neuroimaging and behavioral methods
Amanda Senrud Dayton OHSU Behavior of light in breast tissue
Tiffany DeVine OHSU Understanding the processes that lead to cancer (focus on p53, a tumor suppressor gene) and creating more effective treatments
Lauren Dobbs OHSU Brain circuits and neurotransmitters affected by drugs with high addiction potential
Alexander Egan OSU Clinical medical physics
Allison Einolf OSU Arctic physical oceanography
Andrew F. Emmott OSU Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, planning, language development
Madalynn Erb OHSU Cellular and molecular neuroscience as it applies to neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration
Justin Finn OSU Simulation of fluid flows in natural and man made systems
Rebecca Foster OHSU Brain mechanisms involved in cocaine addiction
Jimmy Gladish OHSU Cell alignment and structure using special depolarization of light
Jeremy Glynn OHSU Cardiovascular tissue engineering, biomaterial for cardiovascular devices
Wilmon Grant OHSU Pathways and signals that regulate process of cachexia in loss of lean body mass
Aaron Grossberg OHSU Neuron process of cachexia; how communication between the immune, endocrine and nervous systems influence disease process
Sarah Hackenmueller OHSU Effects of drug action on biolgical signaling mechanisms
Molly Harding OHSU Genetic regulation of neurogenesis
Megan Herting OHSU White matter microstructural characteristics and impulse behavior in adolescents
Chris HolmesParker OSU Controls and adaptive learning in multi-agent systems
Will Horton OHSU Addiction
Jesse Hostetler OSU Activity recognition via inverse reinforcement learning
Tyler Hulett OHSU Cancer immunology
Jeannie Hunnicutt OHSU How a developing nervous system becomes established and wired
Ravi Iyer OHSU Patho-immune system interactions and zoonotic infections
Amber Jones-Hackathorne OHSU Fluorescence spectroscopy to map distances within proteins
Elad Kaufman OHSU Physiology andpharmacology
Nate Klett OHSU Synaptic plasticity in hippocampi interneurons
Gabe Knoll OHSU Neuroendocrinology
Paul Kramer OHSU Studying how drugs of abuse exert their control over the brain, especially during addiction disorders
Tina Kruger OHSU Neurodegenerative disorders
Sidney Kuo OHSU auditory system processing acoustic information
Jeffrey Luitjens OSU Critical heat flux in low flow reactors and natural circulation nuclear reactors
Colby Mangini OSU Charged particle interactions and dosimetry
Wade Marcum OSU Thermal hydraulic characteristics of high performance research reactor fuel
Jessica Martin OHSU The adaptive response of Leishmania donovani to purine starvation
Julia Maxson OHSU Iron metabolism and hemocromatosis
Whitney McGee OHSU Neuroendoctrine reulation of reproductive function
Caitlin Monaghan OHSU Molecular pathogenesis of OCD-spectrum disorders
Gabriela Morin-Webb OHSU Virology, immunology and vaccine devlopment
Mahta Nili OHSU Structure-function of RGMc, a protein involved with iron regulation
Sarah Oman OSU Design-oriented problem solving using mathematics
Nichole Owen OHSU cytogenetics, fanconi, DNA repair processes and disorders, chromosome structure and maintenance
Eric Patterson OSU Lead free piezoelectric systems and their fatique related properties
Melanie Pina OHSU Neurochemical, neuroanatomical and genetic mechanisms underlying drug reward
Chayne Piscitelli OHSU Solving the X-ray crystal structure of a bacterial neurotransmitter transporter homolog bound to a competitive inhibitor
Sophia Polasky OSU Contribute to develop theory through a case study that examines social vulnerability to climate change in West Africa; to identify the role assessment efforts play in further influencing a particular development path; and to guide policies created to assist communities identified as vulnerable
Jacob Postman OSU SRAM memory cells and methods for mult-processor communication
Trish Pruis OHSU Brain and hormonal basis of emotion in older women
Rebecca Richards OHSU Cytomegalovirus immunoregulatory
Art Riddle OHSU Perinatal medicine, neurotoxicology labs, events that shape the developing brain
Danielle Robinson OHSU Superresolution imaging of synaptic proteins
Hillary Rodgers OHSU Physiology of ion channels and transporters expressed in the nervous system
Abby Rynko OHSU Understanding how respiratory viruses induce asthma exacerbations and airway hyperreactivity
Katherine Saylor OHSU Hearing transduction in sensory hair cells
Christopher Schafer OHSU Site directed spectroscopic methods coupled with computational modeling to investigate membrane protein structure and dynamics
Susan Schur OSU Seamount formation, physical volcanology of subaqueous eruptions, rheology of subaqueous lava flows
Benjamin Scholl OHSU Quantum dots and interface between technology, neuroscience and medicine
Jessica Siegel OHSU Aging and Alzheimer's disease
Sean Smith OSU Mechanical and electronic properties of thin oxide films for microelectronic application
Eric Stroffregen OHSU Molecular and genetic mechanisms of cancer
Chris Stull OSU Heat transfer enhancement, multiphase flow, vapor separation, two phase flow, visualization
Allison Terwilliger OHSU Community health concepts
Karen Thiebes OHSU Molecular and cellular interactions involved in coaxing neural progenitor cells into neurons
Shane Tillo OHSU High-resolution optical and electrophysiological techniques to study the nervous system
Garth Tormoen OHSU Regulatory mechanisms for the procoagulant activity of circulating tissue factor
Karen Tonsfeldt OHSU Behavioral and physiological effects of steroid hormones
Christopher Vaaga OHSU Electrophysiological mechanisms underlying early sensory transduction
Katy Van Hook OHSU Tumor suppressor variants and protein interaction
Keri Vartanian OHSU Cardiovascular engineering; understanding endothelial cell dysfunction leading to atherosclerosis
David Vasquez OSU Medical physics
Charlene Voorhees OHSU Extinction of ethanol conditioned place preference in mice
Eric Walkingshaw OSU Language design, formal representations of variation and explanation-oriented programming
Allen Waters OSU Analog and mixed signal design
Elaine Wells-Gray OHSU Techniques to study the shrinkage of dental resin composites
Paul Wille OHSU Herpes virus entry and spread
Mark Williamson OSU Human-machine interface issues and operations error prevention in complex systems
Clayton Winkler OHSU Disrupting interactions on T-cell extravasation and oligodendrocyte maturation in multiple sclerosis
Aaron Wortham OHSU Cancer geology: the importance of the NF-kB pathway in squamous cell carcinoma
Daniel Yaeger OHSU Synaptic physiology of neurons in auditory brainstem