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ARCS 2016 Annual Report is now available!

The year of 2015-16 was memorable with many achievements that advanced science and furthered the ARCS Foundation mission.  The ARCS 2016 Annual Report highlights significant milestone accomplishments and features exceptional ARCS Scholars and Alumni from every regional chapter along with important contributions from our outstanding member volunteers, donors, and partners. 

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$2.5 Million Mark is Reached by Oregon Chapter

In just ten years, the Oregon Chapter of ARCS® Foundation has awarded 175 scholars awards totalling more that $2.8 million at Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. View Oregon's Academic Partners and Donors pages.

$1 Million Mark is Reached by Pittsburgh Chapter

In celebration of its tenth year in 2013, the Pittsburgh Chapter of ARCS® Foundation has pledged over $1 million to 63 scholars at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University. View Pittsburgh’s Academic Partners and Donors pages.

Lifetime Achiever: Sandra Matteucci of the Phoenix Chapter

The Winter edition of the ARCS Foundation National Newsletter, Achievements, kicked off what will be a regular article to recognize ARCS Foundation members who had made a profound difference to the organization. They have contributed their time, their talents and their resources to “Advancing Science in America,” and we salute them. Our first Lifetime Achiever article featured Sandra Matteucci of the Phoenix Chapter.  Sandra joined her Chapter in 1991 and has since then been a leader and a mentor in Phoenix and on the National Board. She is currently a member of the National Council of Advisors. In the Achievements article, Sandra stated, “ARCS Foundation became my passion some 20 years ago and continues with each passing year. Looking back on two decades, one sees many changes. There is always discussion on how to better our organization. There are many lessons learned from the past, lessons that will help steer us towards ensuring lasting legacies for generations yet to come.”

Read the entire article and others in the Winter Achievements or view the page for the Phoenix Chapter of ARCS Foundation.