Every Chapter Challenge


What is ARCS Foundation Every Chapter Challenge Drive?

ARCS Foundation Every Chapter Challenge is an initiative of ARCS National Board. The challenge is designed to increase financial support for ARCS National Endowment Fund and ARCS National Operations Fund, allowing Chapters to earn additional funds for their scholar award programs.

How do the National Endowment and the Operations Fund benefit my chapter?

This is a great question! A donation to the National Funds directly impacts each chapter. In the last year, thanks to chapter member support, ARCS Foundation was able to drive support for ARCS Mission, conduct chapter trainings and webinars, provide additional chapter fundraising support through Giving Tuesday promotion and access, and provide chapter communication support including chapter website. For more information on how your donation to ARCS Foundation directly impacts your chapter, visit the latest ARCS Foundation Annual Report

How is the challenge scored?

Chapter members who donate to the challenge will have their contributions counted. Only donations by chapter members will count towards the chapter total. Keeping in mind that chapters vary in size, gifts will be scored as follows:

Chapter Ranking = number of individual chapter members donating / total number of chapter members

What is the prize for the winning chapter?

The winning chapter, based on the formula above, will receive $2,500 for their scholar award program based on total funds donated through the challenge.

In addition, the winning chapter will receive additional recognition in the newsletter, on the website, and on ARCS National social media accounts.

How do I participate and help my chapter win?

DONATE! DONATE! Each ARCS Member who donates to the National Endowment or Operations Funds will count towards your chapter total count.

For information on how to donate by check, click here. 

For information on how to donate securities, click here.




What is the challenge timeline?

The challenge runs from July 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019.